UST Announces European Stop in 2011

Posted 19 December 2010   2010 News, 2010 Videos, Media, News, UST News, Video Content

From United Skim Tour

2011 is nearly upon us and United Skim Tour has updated their 2011 schedule.

Next year there will be a European stop on the pro tour for the first time ever in skimboarding. The conceptualization for this ‘European Open’ is to have it be a roaming European event to be held in a different location each year. In 2011 France has been chosen as the host of the first European UST event, with Portugal tentatively scheduled for 2012. The event will be held over a waiting period from September 12 – 18, 2011 at a specific location to be determined by prevailing conditions, but chosen from the following:

-Cap Ferret

The UST will stick to its eight event schedule in 2011 (removing NJ to make room for Europe) with each performer’s 6 highest scores counting toward their final score.

Dates for the West Coast Championships have also been released. Check the tour schedule for details!

Check out a video of some top pros in France in September 2006 for an idea of what the conditions might look like at the 2011 European Open.




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    Posted by WEEZ on 30 December 10 at 4:45am [Reply]
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