A Foggy Day at San Diego Skim Fiesta 2010

By Shea Benton

With temperatures projected into the high 70’s, and a solid swell rolling through, Saturday December 11th was looking promising for the 2010 San Diego Skim Fiesta at The Wall in La Jolla, a spot known for being inconsistent but having amazing potential on some days. Organized by La Jolla locals Justin and Tomas Frymann and sponsored by Exile Skimboards and Under the Influence (UTI), the fiesta kicked off at 9:00am. We were met with some of the most dense fog anyone had seen all year. The temperature was around 60 degrees and the water temperature was in the mid 50’s, but luckily the swell showed up and the sider was pushing well enough for some primary connections and plenty of secondaries.

The day kicked off early with bagels and drinks provided by the Fry-men and some great shwag complements of Exile Skimboards. There was a great turnout of about 30 locals and a few out-of-towners including Aaron Fujimoto, Adam Hayward (thisismov.com), and Woody Harris (Exile Skimboards). The event was set up as a full day of free skimming with prizes for best sider, best air, and other categories. Tomas started off the morning with a sider connection barrel, some would say the wave of the day. As the day progressed, the fog lifted and the sun came out. Many riders connected the sider including Woody, Tomas, Justin, and Santa Cruz native turned San Diego local Geoff Hughins. Some great secondaries were caught by almost everyone as well as some clean wraps throughout the day.

Most people stuck around until the late afternoon as the tides and conditions fluctuated very little throughout the day, providing fun waves for over 7 hours. This year’s San Diego Skim Fiesta was a huge success. Big thanks to Tomas and Justin Frymann for setting up the event, Exile Skimboards for providing some great gear, all the out of towners for making the trip down, Adam Hayward, Derek Young and Justin Frymann for shooting video and pictures, and all the locals who came out for a great Saturday at The Wall.

Check out a teaser below and the full video over at ThisIsMov!

Video By Adam Hayward

Photos by Ryon Graf and Justin Frymann



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  1. Good job San Diego friends!

    Posted by Aaron Peluso on 18 December 10 at 2:42pm [Reply]

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