National Collegiate Skim Association Fall Classic Results

By Jesse Lash, NCSA Founder and President

As the first contest of the 2010-2011 Season, the Fall Classic saw some of the best waves of any National Collegiate Skim Association event ever! Hosted by Island Water Sports in Deerfield Beach, Florida, the event was golf-themed and a good time for all. We had a hole-in-one challenge, a Green Jacket prize, and all sorts of ridiculousness alongside the shredding taking place by the skimboarders up and down the beach.

And shred they did. Deerfield got an unusual bout of waves on that fine Fall morning. With forecasts predicting over 10’ of swell, we knew things were going to be interesting. Honestly, we were a little afraid it was going to be completely washed out and mushy, but our fears were dispelled when we walked onto the cold wet sand that morning. For some reason, South Florida decided to fight it’s ill repute and actually churn out some solid little waves for the entire day!

School rivalry was as fierce as it’s ever been, with the University of Florida team repping their school spirit the strongest. They had a full section of the beach with nothing but orange and blue… tents, flags, towels, even custom made Exile Skimboards! Florida Atlantic University brought some school pride as well, as did the University of North Florida with team shirts and hoodies. It’s always rad to see all the different competitors walking around the beach wearing their respective team’s apparel. Skimboarding really is becoming a legitimate collegiate sport, and many schools’ Student Governments are beginning to provide funding for equipment and uniforms.

And the competition? Intense. A lot of the best riders in Florida are college students, and many came to fight for the title of Fall Classic Champion for their school. Reigning National Champion Dave Bracht from Flagler College was in attendance, and came to defend his title against a host of skimmers from all around. Tommy Bracht, Dave’s younger brother, also entered his first NCSA contest, and fought to uphold the family honor in the Recreational division. And he did! Tommy ended up winning the Recreational Division, while his brother Dave finished 2nd in the Competitive Division… I wanna meet Mr. and Mrs. Bracht. They’re probably awesome.

The University of Central Florida really put on a show at the event as well. With a host of highly-competitive riders all skimming for the Knights, the UCF team ended up dominating this event with 4 of the 5 top spots in the Competitive Division. Flagler College and the University of Florida were the other standout schools with a few top finishers. Surprisingly, the reigning National Champion University of South Florida team hardly even showed, with only one rider representing their squad. Looks like the title may be up for grabs!

Overall, the Fall Classic was an incredibly successful event to kick-start the 4th NCSA Contest Season, and all of us here at the NCSA Staff couldn’t be more excited for the rest of this year. Come Spring semester, we hope to see you all at the National Championship, which will be held at Vilano Beach.


1. Derik Kent- UCF
2. Dave Bracht- Flagler
3. Will Chan- UCF
4. Marcos Paranhos- UCF
5. Chuck Wright- UCF

1. Tommy Bracht- Flagler
2. Jacob Lepera- UF
3. Kale Driscoll- UNF
1. Anne Marie McGowan- UF
2. Dana Lenzen- UNF
Thanks a ton once again to our awesome sponsor for the event:
• Exile Skimboards
• Skim City
• Dirty Board Enterprises
• Wave Zone
• Extreme Outdoor Supply
• Kulcha Shok Muzik
• Spy Optic
• Lands End Developers
• Stoked Entertainment
• and our local event host, Island Water Sports

Video By Robert Huffman

Photos by Siobhan Waldron



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