Gorgonitas Skim Interviews Brad Domke!

Brad Domke (Exile Skimboards) traveled to Europe this year and got to skim some world class breaks in Portugal and Spain, where skimboarding has become a country-wide phenomenon. Our friends at Gorgonitas Skim sat down with Brad to see what it’s like to be a Professional Skimboarder. Check out the interview below.

With skimming evolving quickly in Spain and Portugal, Gorgonitas Skim has started a website to follow the progression. Check out Gorgonitas’ page, here.

Also, check out FSM Issue 36 for an article on the Spanish skimboarding evolution written by Oliver Campoy and Sergio Gil ‘Shein’ on page 89.

Photos by Sergio Gil ‘Shein’, Oliver Campoy and Miles Grobman.




  1. Sick and important post to all spanish skimboarderds.

    The way!
    Gorgonitas skim.

    Ps. Thanks Brad and Aaron!

    Posted by Shein on 08 December 10 at 4:28pm [Reply]
  2. brad domke team exileboards?

    Posted by Marion Marion John Atorreon on 10 December 10 at 4:41am [Reply]
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