Gobblefest Follow-Up

By Steve Taylor

On Saturday November 27th, two days after Thanksgiving Day, Exile Skimboards and Skim City came together to put on a Just-For-Fun Skim Contest for any willing to make the trip out to the Melbourne area. Skim City Greg and Joey Antonelli have these get togethers down. They are some of the best in the business at putting on an event, and this was another prime example. Steve Taylor of Exile Skimboards was able to get together some Exile Team Riders including Zack Hoag, Josh Hill, Danny Montrone and Colton Wallace of Alabama as well as bringing plenty of prizes to go along with Skim City gift certificates.

Everyone was greeted with offshore winds most of the day with a two foot swell, and beautiful weather until the end of the day when the winds shifted and the devil came out of the sky to show his rainy face. The contest pushed on, and everyone was shredding. Standouts included Garrett Wolff in the “I’m Turning Pro Tomorrow” Division and Derek Shenton in the Pro Division. Big thanks to Skim City, Greg and Joey for their continued support in skimboarding, and to Exile Skimboards for putting together another local event to bring together everyone for the stoke of skimboarding.




  1. Any chance you can enable the video for mobile veiwers?

    Posted by Giblobl on 15 December 10 at 5:19pm [Reply]
    • You have to ask the youtube account holder…

      Posted by Aaron Peluso on 16 December 10 at 9:04pm [Reply]

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