Austin ‘Suess’ Australia Recap

Exile Skimboards recently sent Austin Keen down to SkimDulgence, the largest skimboarding event in Australia. Here is Austin’s recap of his trip in true Dr. Suess fashion.

1 hour 2 hour 3 and 4..
15 go by until *OPEN* goes the door
A wave awaits, with warm beach sand
I hope this big arse plane will land

1 Aussie 2 Aussie 3 and 4
So many Aussies! Aussies galore!

For this is just one, of many tales
One that began, in New South Wales
A little town pumping, waves and coal
A little town but so much soul

A raindrop here, a rain drop there
I feel raindrops, in my hair!
Slowly but surely, the sun comes to play
Austin got the sickest wrap, of his trip that day
A side slip out, out I shout!
Fish and chips, chips and trout!

For the weekend comes, they musn’t be late
Skimdulgence weekend! The fun awaits!
Another train, how many more?
A flight down south, for a skim bus tour!

A bus full of Aussies and exile boards
The Aussies must stop, to leak their swords.
A ride so long through the thickest of brush
But a land they arrive, so pure and lush

Eucalyptus a bounty, trees of cedar
Austin’s eyes are red, oh dear its hay fever!
I see an emu! Wait two! No three!
A kangaroo as well, so much to see!

Are you keen to skim? To splash and play?
As keen as Austin, Austin keen they say
So they walk the trail, over and about
Blocked from the wind, “I see waves!” they shout!
They run down the dunes, the dunes so grand
Some use their boards, to slide down the sand!

Rocks, blue water, waves and a fire
Skim skim skim, until they finally tire
At the Skimdulgence, no, not one can lose
What’s that I see? Oh, a dude cruise!

Beach then sleep, they go back and forth
3 nights go by, then they head back north

The country has stopped, I wonder what’s up!
For everyone is watching, the Melbourne Cup!
Out of 24 horses Austin picks the winner
Five hundred dollars you say? That will pay for dinner!

1 week 2 week and 3 or 4 days
For the Aussies have shown,
and taught Austin their ways.




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  1. if my board won’t go in a straight line in the direction i throw it, what’s the point ?

    Posted by ma kni on 03 December 10 at 11:55am [Reply]

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