Austin Keen Heads Down Under for Skimdulgence

Things may be cooling off here in the states, but down in Australia summer is just getting started! Austin Keen of Exile Skimboards is heading down under to compete in and experience Skimdulgence, the biggest contest on the continent. We asked Austin some questions about his trip, and it seems he is beyond stoked!

So, we hear you are heading down under for a little skim journey. What’s the itinerary?

Well, I like to keep things open rather than too stick to an itenerary, but the plan so far is to fly into Sydney (arriving the 23rd), take a train to Newcaslte, hang out with a local by the name of Rad, who I imagine is pretty rad..ical, and hit up some skim spots in the area for almost a week. Then on the 28th we are flying to Adelaide to participate in Australia’s biggest skim contest of the year, the Skimdulgence. From there i got a ticket back to Sydney. But after the contest its pretty open ended, just gonna go with the flow, skim with the locals, and have a good time.

How did all this come about?

Well, Australia is holding their biggest contest of the year down there the end of this month and Exile wanted one of their riders to be there for it.We heard theres a lot of skim stoke down unda (australian accent). And Like i told my friend Derek Makekau, thats what happens when you ride for the best skimboard company in the world =D.

Is this the longest skim trip you have been on?

Certainly not the longest trip, But the longest flight for sure haha. I recently got back from the Philippines. I was there for about 4 months. You may, or may not hear more about that in the near future. But I would have to say this is the ONLY trip i’ve ever gone on with only plans to skim. Usually, i go for culture, nature, or at least to also surf. But im bringing only a skimboard, and if I get to see some outback Australia, and can possibly borrow a surfboard while I’m down there I’d be stoked on all that also. Main priority: the sport of skimboarding.

Is anybody else coming from the states that you know of?

Well, I’m really hoping Adam Hayward is gonna come through with this last minute ticket. It would be awesome to have a friend like him on the trip. is doing really well, and if he comes along, I can guarantee you some A+ Australia footage in a couple weeks.

What are the conditions like down there this time of year? You bringing a wetsuit?

To be honest, I usually dont start thinking about all the details like that too much until the last minute when I have a big trip planned. I usually worry about the visa and stuff first, then kinda keep it at the back of my mind for a while. If i start looking into weather and surf conditions I get too excited and lose sleep or something haha. also it’s good to save that excitement for when you’re traveling. Then your airport/airplane situations are less stressful when you’re filled with positive stoke about where you’re going.

Well, you just made every other skimboarder in the world jealous. Do you at least promise to come back and tell us all how it went?

Haha, including my brothers and some friends. Yes i promise.

Thanks for your time Austin.




  1. Yup, Newcastle has some of the best, or at least nicest beaches, especially when compared to Sydney. Less crowded, nicer sand, and generally just a little better overall. It is kinda like comparing something like Huntington to Laguna/Aliso.

    Posted by Michael Morales on 22 October 10 at 12:42pm [Reply]
  2. 100% Jealous of Austin Keen.

    Posted by Steve T on 22 October 10 at 6:18pm [Reply]
  3. looks like some really fun waves and endless opportunity!!

    Posted by Douglas Stratton on 24 October 10 at 10:42pm [Reply]

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