1st Annual Mazunte Contest: Oaxaca, Mexico

Mainland Mexico is a relatively uncharted territory for skimboarding (at least for Americans). George Bryan recently took a trip to Oaxaca to skim a town called Mazunte, a hidden gem on the mainland. What he found was great scenery, great skim, and a need for exposure to skimboarding for the children of Mazunte. On November 20th, 2010, there will be the 1st Annual Mazunte Skimboarding Contest for the kids of Oaxaca. For more information visit Mazunteskim.




  1. welcome to la costa de Oaxaca
    know more about this wonderful place

    Posted by Mazunteskim Skim on 14 November 10 at 8:47pm [Reply]
  2. check out the galera from las batallas del cangrejo


    saludos desde la costa magica de Oaxaca

    Posted by safe on 26 January 11 at 1:48pm [Reply]

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