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Posted 22 Oct 2010

How to Make A Skim Club at Your College

Vince Navarro recently started a skim club at Chapman University, a school in Orange County, California. Here’s what he had to do to start the first collegiate skim club on the west coast, and what you can do to start a college skim club of your own: How to Make a Skim Club at Your College 1. Inform your head… Continue »
Posted 21 Oct 2010

Austin Keen Heads Down Under for...

Things may be cooling off here in the states, but down in Australia summer is just getting started! Austin Keen of Exile Skimboards is heading down under to compete in and experience Skimdulgence, the biggest contest on the continent. We asked Austin some questions about his trip, and it seems he is beyond stoked! So, we hear you are heading… Continue »
Posted 20 Oct 2010

While You Were in Santa Cruise

Paulo Prietto and George Bryan enjoy a few waves in relative solitude while the rest of the usual suspects were busy schlogging through heats at the Santa Cruz UST contest. Video By David Levin Continue »
Posted 19 Oct 2010

Two Clips from Zap Skimboards

Zap Skimboards professional riders Jamie Lovett and Hugo Santos showcase their skill in these two short clips. Continue »
Posted 18 Oct 2010

Erick Rosenberry Interview and Mini...

Erick Rosenberry of Apex Skimboards is a Floridian up and comer in the Pro division. Turning pro just 3 months ago, he’s quickly turning heads on the East Coast. From his first to his last wave during a session, he charges harder than most guys you see on the East Coast right now. A great skimmer with loads of potential,… Continue »
Posted 17 Oct 2010

Zap Team In Delaware Mini Movie

Every summer, team Zap is able to have almost everyone together for a few days around the South Side Shootout Contest. It’s not an easy task getting most of their team rounded up all in one location, and with fun waves as DE will usually provide, it’s always a great time spent meshing with each other. Thanks to Jason Wilson… Continue »
Posted 15 Oct 2010

1st Annual Mazunte Contest: Oaxaca,...

Mainland Mexico is a relatively uncharted territory for skimboarding (at least for Americans). George Bryan recently took a trip to Oaxaca to skim a town called Mazunte, a hidden gem on the mainland. What he found was great scenery, great skim, and a need for exposure to skimboarding for the children of Mazunte. On November 20th, 2010, there will be… Continue »
Posted 13 Oct 2010

Exile’s Design to Win Skimboard...

Exile always keeps things fresh. What better way to freshen things up than to have an all out battle of designers to make their 2011 bottom art designs? Exile’s favorite design will be used in their 2011 Line of Skimboards, and the winner will receive a brand new customizable Dude! Cruise in Sglass, our professional riders’ favorite style. A $410… Continue »
Posted 10 Oct 2010

Paulo Prietto’s New Instructional...

Paulo Prietto is releasing a unique instructional DVD for skimboarders of all skill levels. “Sessions” includes in-depth instruction from some of the best riders in the world. Here’s what Paulo had to say about the new DVD. Q: What is Sessions? A: Sessions is a new instructional dvd that teaches you how to skimboard. It breaks down the fundamentals, introduces… Continue »
Posted 08 Oct 2010

Alley-Oop Grinch Skimming 2010:...

Some of the original Alley-Oop Delaware crew star in this Grinch Skimming video during Hurricane Danielle. Jamie Celano, Joey Vavala, and Jason Wilson use the Grinch winch to propel themselves out to some usually unreachable waves. The video was filmed all in one session on the North Side of Indian River Inlet in the Delaware State Seashore Park. Big thanks… Continue »
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