Philippine Steez – Manoy Bazar Mini Movie

by Arlene Grace Nonato

The Philippines has been getting a lot of infamous press lately. I shouldn’t be putting the incident into words in the fear of it being never forgotten. But you, the ever-updated, intellectual mad-hatter-of-a-skimboarder might have heard it in your tea parties. Laugh about it, cry about it. Our SWAT and Miss Philippines have just exemplified what we Filipinos really are – relaxed – to the point of mishap.

It shows in the skill, and in the tropical surroundings — the steez is easy, original, and never imposing. We let our relaxed, carefree character speak for our game.

Look at Roderick “Manoy” Bazar. Manoy means “elder brother” in the Waray dialect. The dude hails from Borongan, Samar, the island of waves in Visayas. He acts as the leader of skimboarders from his province who are mostly composed of teenagers. He is the guide they look up to. In a province where there aren’t any skate parks or parties to go to, and where families depend on fishing and coconuts to earn money, skimboarding has been a hobby to keep the idle minds from doing evil deeds and sometimes, to also forget about one’s problems. The same reason why all of us started skimboarding too, remember?

Manoy is recognized as one of the best skimboarders in the country, as seen in his undeniably sick riding skills. He is the skimboarder who makes surfers in the line up curse out loud “it’s a skimboard he’s riding, dude!”. But you will not find him boasting about his mad aerials, 360’s and big spins. His humility is a symbol of the ultimate Pinoy, relaxed, always giving the credit to the surrounding, the waves and the high above. His smile, his simple living, and the happy outlook he has on life is the personality we Filipinos all have in common.

There have been a considerable amount of stories that have come out of the Philippine skim scene. Our groms ripping with wood skimboards, the skimboard donation project, Dane Clark and Kyle Lynch with our Boracay skimboarders, and the Jasmine Joy and Austin Keen experience. Small news out there, but big news here. Imagine what a Bill Bryan or Paulo Prietto visit would do.

In the Philippines, there are 7,107 islands but the three main islands are Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Luzon is where the capital is, and where metropolitan kids commute for 4 hours to get to Zambales, the favorite spot of most skimboarders. Then there’s our friends from Visayas — most of whom grew up near the beach — gnarly skimmers who have been shredding since they learned to walk. And then there’s Mindanao, where there are dozens of undiscovered skim spots that you might mistake for the Garden of Eden, if Adam and Eve were skimboarders.

Skimboarding in the Philippines started a few decades back, but it’s only this year that young, income-generating, active Filipinos are taking interest. With back-to-back local competitions happening around the country, and the clubs that continue to promote the sport, people are taking notice. Local brands and surf shops are paying attention and are now becoming more involved in sponsorships.

The future of skimboarding here in our islands has never looked this bright. You don’t hear anybody bragging because we let our skimboarding do the talking. In the Philppines, we might be separate islands away but we know we belong to one skim crew – our community of relaxed, tropical, sunburned skins who rip it the only way we know how – Filipino Style.

We use woodies, and plenty of skimmers here don’t have their own boards. It’s not a sob story. Truth is, we’re just going with the flow. We keep the pressure out, so we can all be free to ride the wave. And if it’s mishap ahead, we’re ready to get up and try again. It is what it is. Welcome to the Pinoy steez, our Manoys.

Manoy Bazar Mini Movie from Ian Olmedo on Vimeo.




  1. we have seen Manoy and his awesome skills. not just in skimboarding, but he can carve waves to in surfing! proud to be pinoy!

    Posted by - philippine surfing on 06 September 10 at 11:11pm [Reply]
  2. nice article :)

    Posted by brien secades on 06 September 10 at 11:13pm [Reply]
  3. A much deserve break and an exquisitely written article. This is exactly what I’m talking about. Pinoy pride!

    Posted by Edsel Sosa on 06 September 10 at 11:50pm [Reply]
  4. wanna learn more about skimboarding scene here in the Philippines visit our local website

    Posted by Ger on 07 September 10 at 1:57am [Reply]
  5. stoked!

    Posted by Ian Olmedo on 07 September 10 at 7:56pm [Reply]

    Posted by Larry Patrick on 07 September 10 at 10:47pm [Reply]
  7. wait and see what mindanao waves and riders can do. soon to come out from the Philippines
    Warp 10. vid.

    Posted by Albert on 07 September 10 at 11:32pm [Reply]
  8. i would like to look this guy a siderwash, he will do a good job,,,wow really good!!!

    Posted by Jaime Martinez on 08 September 10 at 7:27am [Reply]
  9. Nice article Arlene……………. keep up the good job…. Any skim vid of the Austin Keen trip in Phils ??

    Posted by Jet-tshen Kee on 08 September 10 at 9:28pm [Reply]
  10. nice article arlene.. SALUDO AKO! Manoy.. you are the one!

    Posted by domcar lagto on 08 September 10 at 10:58pm [Reply]
  11. Great article Arlene! I’m stoked just seeing your photos, Manoy!

    Posted by Is on 10 September 10 at 10:33pm [Reply]
  12. oh oh Manoy just informed me that “Manoy” is not Waray, but Visayan. LOL! erratum para sa mga visayan friends natin :) and thanks for all the compliments. Manoy is just being ssssiccck in the video. nice one Manoy :)

    if you mr./ms. reader wants to come and visit just tell us! :)

    Posted by Arlene Nonato on 12 September 10 at 6:59pm [Reply]
  13. hey nice article, video proud pinoy! manoy –is manu …the best talaga ang mga taga borongan Skim!

    Posted by butchoi on 13 September 10 at 6:56am [Reply]
  14. SICK!

    Posted by Ian Olmedo on 20 September 10 at 7:45pm [Reply]
  15. yeh!!!!prety stoked!

    Posted by Sakkanak Paganoy on 11 October 10 at 8:30am [Reply]
  16. Sick footage Manoy! Bill Bryon was here in the Philippines in 2001 for the waveloc event. didnt go to the beaches though.

    Posted by lui Tortuya on 19 October 10 at 11:41pm [Reply]
  17. Cheers for manoy & borongan, eastern samar…makes me proud mader!
    if u please, more phil skim scene…where d weather is sunny all year round w/ a twist of tropical cyclones (just passed over by TC Megi : )

    Posted by Nay Nikki de Vera on 20 October 10 at 4:51am [Reply]

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