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The SkimChicks are a grassroots organization that have taken an interest in the Skim Boarding community and have set out to accomplish many goals to better the female realm of skimboarding.  Lately there have been a lot of questions being asked about the SkimChicks so we had Pamela Simpson (owner of SkimChicks) answer a few of them for us.

So who are the Skim Chicks?  Is there an organizational structure?  A president?  How are decisions made?  Who runs it?

At this time, SkimChicks consists of the following female skimmers:  Shonna Cobb, Brittany Osburn, Keiao Gucwa-Bucasas, Libby Rendall, Lanakila Kelliher, Jen Jacobs, Lexi Hutchings, Yasmyn Andrade, Silvia Catalina Garavito, Veronica Tagami, Crystal Babb, Morgan Southwell, Sylvia Koch-Weser, Kelli Bean, Nicole Lee, Bruna Gourouaya-Vanier, Shuv-On McAuliffe, Pamela Simpson, and Amber Cottle.

Our organizational structure is best explained as an athlete’s first organization, with my talented partner and film maker, Richard Tibbetts and myself as owners.  He and I run the company and with the help of our original core SkimChicks, Jen & Shonna to make decisions…

This year marks the first ever Women’s Pro Division event.  Do we get any kind of preview on who might compete in the big leagues?

A preview of who is competing in this year’s first female Pro Division I believe is available on Victoria’s website.  My guess is somewhere between 8-10 women.

What plans does SkimChicks have to create this division in other events?  Are you talking to any contest organizers?

As far as creating Pro Divisions in other skim events, it is the decision of who is organizing the event as to if they want to add a Pro Division for Women.  At this time, we are focused on the Vic and are not working with any other Event Organizers.

How is the professional purse for the women going to be determined?  What would you like to see happen?

I’m not exactly sure how the Pro Purse will be decided for the women in this year’s contest, again, a decision of the Event Organizer.  As for what I’d like to see happen…a check for the female Pro equal to that of the Male Pro.

We understand there is a video documentary that was made describing the Women’s need for a professional division of their own.  Is this something that is going to be available for sale, or uploaded on the internet for all to see?

As for the documentary, it will be made available for purchase through the website along with our next SkimChicks video that’s coming soon!  Right now, it’s still making it’s way around film festivals.

There were a lot of unfavorable things said about the Women’s Professional division on the SkimOnline forums when the news first came out. We imagine that was not pleasant to read. What is your take on that reaction?

I really pay no attention to the haters. Just following a dream and everyone is entitled to their opinions.

So you feel that the acceptance has grown as people have learned more about the Women’s Professional Movement?

Yes, I feel the acceptance has grown, the proof is in the female athletes on board, as well as the support shown from a number of Pro male riders and from legend skimmers such as Chris Henderson and Amber Cottle.

Do you feel that Men’s skimboarding is working against you, or working with you?

I feel that Men’s skimboarding is working with us.  I have found that the majority of the men are more than happy to see their female counterparts have the same opportunities in this sport we share equal passion for.  They lead the way on skill level, and I don’t know a female rider who doesn’t enjoy skimming with the boys, it makes us better riders.

We have seen that amongst other things your stated goals call for the creation of a Female Professional Tour.  Is this something you are pursuing right now?  If such a tour were created, would it work in conjunction with the existing UST Tour and events, or be separate?  How will such a tour be funded both in prize money and travel expenses?

Yes, we are indeed pursuing a Female Tour.  It may work in conjunction with the UST or it may have different locations and dates then any existing tour.  It depends on which avenue paves the tour path and what sponsors are involved to decide where prize money and travel expenses come from, so, it’s yet to be determined.

SkimChicks seems to getting a lot of coverage for Female skimboarding, and skimboarding in general.  Who do we have to thank for putting in all that legwork!?

Legwork, ha ha, literally.  I’m glad you recognized that it’s skimboarding in general.  The press may be covering the females lately, but it all benefits the sport as a whole.

First and foremost, we can thank our female athletes who are out there representing, competing, and exhibiting their love for this sport.

Then you can thank my partner Richard Tibbets for all his hard work and commitment to this project.  I’ve been working my butt off too, but none of this could’ve happened without him and the love and support from my good friend Gerry.  And finally, thank the press and general public for their sincere interest in this amazing sport and all it’s talented athletes.

Anything we missed?

I love all you skimmers, and thank you Skim Online for your interest in SkimChicks!

Much Respect-

Pamela Jo Simpson

Thanks Pamela, to find more information about the SkimChicks you can check out their website by clicking here.

Here’s a small gallery Pamela sent over for your viewing pleasure.




  1. I’m not exactly sure how the Pro Purse will be decided for the women in this year’s contest, again, a decision of the Event Organizer. As for what I’d like to see happen…a check for the female Pro equal to that of the Male Pro.

    – there needs to be that many female skimboarders willing to compete in the Pro division. If you want something like that then you should compete with the guys…

    Posted by SKimchicks is BS on 12 June 10 at 3:14pm [Reply]
  2. Hi: I’m working on a story about Pamela Simpson, of Skim Chicks, who was in an accident in Laguna Beach on Sunday.
    Can you possibly provide me with a high res version of the image of her used in skim online in a 2010 interview?
    Need asap. Wil of course provide credit.

    thanks, Andrea Adelson

    Posted by Andrea Adelson on 22 May 17 at 7:21pm [Reply]

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