2010 Cabo LEAF Video

If you are a serious skimboarder you have almost certainly seen one of LEAF’s skimboard videos such as 5lbs Lighter, Vee Eye See or the most recent Soulag Chronicles (which is excellent if you haven’t seen it yet).

Well the fine folks at LEAF have teamed up with SkimOnline and Exile Skimboards to produce this little gem from the recent contest trip down south of the border.

Featured Riders Are
Brad Domke  (Exile, Freak, Skimcity)
Jake Stinnett (Exile, Alley Oop)
Morgan Just (Victoria, Skim City)
Sam Stinnett (Exile, Freak, Main St)
Chopa (Victoria)
Tim Fulton (Apex)
George Bryan (Exile, Main St)
Paulo Prietto (Exile, EOS, Reistance Wetsuits)





  1. great song even better video

    Posted by quinton love on 13 June 10 at 12:55pm [Reply]
    • salamman dar reshteye aeospace vase PhD mikham eghdam konam delft, aya shoma Dr. adel abseohaglm mishenasid dar anja??aya aerospace jozve reshtehaye tahrimie iranian ast ??

      Posted by Jessie on 04 January 17 at 11:06am [Reply]
    • Mikael, that photo does indeed “sum it up”!The Court-house, with a hot dog stand outside, to feed the passing people! — the Danish hot-dogs are excellent, I remember.A justice system owned by the people.

      Posted by http://www./ on 18 January 17 at 5:15am [Reply]
    • Until I found this I thought I’d have to spend the day inside.

      Posted by monat rechner kind on 16 February 17 at 7:06am [Reply]
    • dr.cem argun diyor ki:Sevgili Yener daha 12 yaşında internette saÄŸlık ile ilgili araÅŸtırmalara baÅŸladığına göre saÄŸlığına oldukça düşkün olacaksın sanırım.Henüz büyüme çağında olduÄŸun için ve ALP de büyüme çağında yüksek çıktığından ALP deÄŸerin yaşına göre normal.Sorun yok.

      Posted by http://www./ on 28 February 17 at 12:27pm [Reply]
    • i agree with you in one part – kate underplayed hanna schmitz…..and it was amazing, the thing is with kate, she doesnt have to utter one word for you to understand her, its all in her eyes, she oozes emotion like i believe no other actress or actor can do. she did not campaign for awards seen as the awards were announced only a few weeks after both her films premiered, she attended the events, as did meryl streep and angelina jolie….she is the best…shame u cant see.

      Posted by gocompere.com on 15 March 17 at 3:00am [Reply]
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  2. Cabo looking massive! Great video!!

    Posted by Douglas Stratton on 13 June 10 at 6:47pm [Reply]
  3. sick video, would have love to see some more airs n shoveits tho brothers

    Posted by Morgan on 14 June 10 at 1:06pm [Reply]
  4. watch this video in HD- you wont regret it.

    Posted by isaac zoller on 14 June 10 at 5:59pm [Reply]
  5. What camera was this shot with ?

    Posted by Andrew on 14 June 10 at 9:50pm [Reply]
  6. whoever chopa is man he had the fattest set

    Posted by mase dawg maui on 15 June 10 at 4:15am [Reply]
  7. canon 7D with a bower 500 mm lens

    Posted by isaac zoller on 15 June 10 at 5:35pm [Reply]
  8. Nice video. What kind of housings did you use for the shots in the water. Awesome shots.

    Posted by rafael on 18 June 10 at 9:46am [Reply]
  9. Isaac , the quality looks killer.
    Isn’t it kinda hard filming it on manual focus ?

    Posted by Lucas Gomes on 18 June 10 at 4:40pm [Reply]
  10. what water shots? photos? 10-17 tokina.

    Posted by isaac zoller on 19 June 10 at 9:40pm [Reply]
  11. Amazing video. So sick.

    Posted by XEasyTarget on 27 June 10 at 5:30am [Reply]
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