Wrightsville Beach

Posted 22 May 2010   North Carolina, Spots, USA

Wrightsville Beach, NC. When you cross the drawbridge to Harbor Island, veer to the left. You’ll pass a fire station on your right. At the end of this road, you’ll see Johnnie Mercer’s pier. Park somewhere around there. Parking in the summer is freaking impossible, so you may have to park on the other side of the bridge and hoof it over. This break goes off during hurricane season when the swift current makes the beach fairly steep. The rest of the year: you never know. I’ve seen 4-5′ right on the sand in the winter; very steep and ideal for air. In the summer, it’s very crowded, and you may find yourself “mowing the grass” (cutting people off at the ankles) if you’re not careful. If it’s good in the summer, it’s extra fun, because you can really show off for the crowd.



This spot will fire from time to time when high tide is in the morning hours, usually before 11 am or so.  The sand bar won’t catch the swell and it will build all the way to the shore.  Also during high tides this is the most sloped area.  Morning high tides are usually accompanied by E winds, making for clean waves.  Waves range from shin to chest high sets from time to time.  Local skimmers will always be at C-street when it’s breaking.  Take Eastwood road to Wrightsville beach and stay right when it becomes Causeway Drive, follow that over a smaller bridge and you will see a wings, follow the road left and it be the third street down on the right “Columbia Street.”

At the complete south end of Wrightsville, the jetty will break well from time to time.  It’s usually a consistent spot at high tide, best during the morning and evening.  Occasionally siders will form off of the jetty and connect to form peaks and liners.  The peaks usually range from knee to waist high on a good day.  Follow Eastwood road to Wrightsville beach and continue over two bridges until you get to s stoplight in front of wings.  Take a right and follow that road until it curves and takes you to a yield sign on S Lumina.  Take a right and follow until you reach the end of the beach.  The jetty break is access 42.

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  1. you should put carolina beach on North Carolina for skim spots. it is the most consistant spot around in nc other than the barrier islands. it is very consistant at high tide and there is many different spots inside of Carolina beach. If you know Kyle Holt he skims there frequently.

    Posted by matt buchanan on 24 December 10 at 9:32pm [Reply]
    • Matt,

      Shoot us an email at skimcontent@gmail.com with information about Carolina Beach (best swell size, swell direction, best season, wave type, and location) and we’ll post it up there.

      Posted by sheab on 26 December 10 at 2:02pm [Reply]

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