Wrights Beach

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Posted 02 May 2010   California, San Francisco, Spots, USA

About five or six miles north of Bodega Bay is probably the best skim spot in Northern California. Wright’s beach is a burly shorebreak with an intimidating drop-off. The south end of the beach is just about the heaviest shorebreak I’ve ever seen and should probably be avoided. The north end is a whole other story though. There is a large rock jutting out about two hundred feet, maybe farther, offshore that the waves wrap around and meet in a perfect V-shape right on the shore. It’s usually best on low to mid tide. Hope for the wind to be mellow enough to work with, out here it is a fifty-fifty proposition that you can actually drop your board with out it flying away. There are some pictures posted at www.cramikskim.com that will give you a good idea of what to expect, and no they didn’t put me up to this to increase web traffic.

From Bodega Bay just drive north on highway 1 until you see a sign saying Duncan’s Landing or farther up the road to the Wright’s Beach parking lot. The Wright’s Beach lot has a four-dollar charge but you can get around it by parking in the gravel area up the hill from the ranger booth.
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  1. should say it’s usually best on low to mid tide. High tide it’s usually just trough.

    Posted by Deebo on 03 May 10 at 6:29pm [Reply]

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