Shell Beach

Shell Beach
Posted 02 May 2010   California, San Luis Obispo, Spots, USA

Every once in awhile you will catch Shell beach throwing 3-4 foot wraps and a few liners. I have found it to be best just a bit before high tide. Shell is about 10 minutes south of S.L.O. and parking is free on Ebb tide st. Most of the time the beach is under water. If you hit it at the right time, you can find some of the best ramps in the SLO area. It gets deep fast and it’s good to always have a hand on your board. To top it off, the beach itself is steep.

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  1. Shell works best during the Spring and Summer. Wait for a swell to hit and go during mid to high tide to catch nice snaps and small liners. Sometimes it works well during a dropping tide. Right now (Aug ’10) the beach is steep and it is not underwater most of the time like the description below says it is, even during high tide it does not get fully covered. Late afternoon or early morning are best to avoid the crowds and the winds. Watch out for the rock/reef that is at the bottom of the slope of the beach. Besides that, enjoy it!

    Posted by Jorge on 10 August 10 at 6:25pm [Reply]
  2. Does the beach have okay waves for beginner skimboarders?
    I am want to learn and practice wave riding

    Posted by Jeffrey Leung on 06 December 10 at 10:22pm [Reply]
  3. This is the one right below Spyglass Park, correct? How do you access the beach itself?

    Posted by Kory on 29 June 11 at 7:18pm [Reply]

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