Posted 16 May 2010   California, Santa Barbara, Spots, USA

Sandspit is another of the few good spots in SB. It is unique in the sense that the skimming is best on a lower tide. It is well known as a place of incredible surfing once or twice a winter when the waves are actually big. Other than those couple times, there may be a few surfers hoping for a glimpse, and absolutely no skim traffic. If you ever do see any skimmers down there, it will almost surely be my room mate and I. Sandspit breaks around a point off the tip of the harbor jetty. In that sense, sometimes it is possible to catch a liner down the beach a little ways. Again, as is the problem with all SB spots, there are rocks at most times of the year. Usually they are interspersed and avoidable, but bring both boards just in case. If the waves are right, and you can pump out to them, the spit is one of the hollowest waves around!! Remember, low or near low tide, otherwise you will have nowhere to run from.

Exit Castillo St. from Hwy 101, head towards the water, turn right on Cabrillo and follow it around to until you come to the city college football stadium (on your right). From there, park anywhere if you want to pay, or in the city college parking lot if you want the chance to not have to pay (I am convinced that they never check for permits, but I make no guarantees). Then just walk on past all the boats in the harbor along the jetty pathway. When you come to the end, the Spit will be on your left.

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