Project Hawaii, David Sterman

A little less than a month ago, Keiao Bucasas (one of the best female skimboarders in the world), released an amazing little edit of fellow Hawaiian David Sterman, entitled Project Hawaii. The video blew everyone in the online world away. David was a relatively unknown skimboarder until the day this video was released, but now he is an E celebrity. We took a couple minutes out of Keiao’s busy day to ask her a few short questions about the movie and her future plans.

Who is David Sterman and why haven’t we heard of him before? He rips.
Well, besides what Aaron Fuj and Resilient Skim has been putting out, there hasn’t been much skim media coming out of Hawaii. Within the past year or two we’ve seen a small bump of new skimboarders. David Sterman has only recently begun to take skimboarding seriously and onto the next level. So he’s making his way onto the skim scene.

There are some siders in the video that look extremely fun, how consistent are they?
The siders in the video happen more on a seasonal basis with the right type of swells. Of course some spots are a little more consistent then others.

Are you planning on putting out any new videos in the near future?
I’m not too sure how near or soon the next Project Hawaii video will be out but there will be more to come.

Awesome, we can’t wait to see your next edit. Thanks for your time.




  1. This guy was in san diego.. he is a sick dude

    Posted by Rob on 28 May 10 at 10:39am [Reply]
  2. hah yeah i saw him in San Diego too, hes chill

    Posted by colton on 31 May 10 at 11:04am [Reply]
  3. Where is this in hawaii!!!!!!

    Posted by RJ on 30 November 10 at 6:46pm [Reply]

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