Pillars Point

Posted 02 May 2010   California, Half Moon Bay, Spots, USA

A gnarly place to skim a good wide beach with a steep incline makes it a good takeoff into the 2-4 foot waves. Hit it during the late summer (mid July- August) crowds on the weekend nobody during the week. check it out!

Take 91 to Cabrillo Hwy and go north or take I 5 north (if my info is to vague it is just south of Mavericks) or talk to a surf shop

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  1. Barney-ville

    Posted by David Stariha on 11 July 10 at 10:31pm [Reply]
  2. this beach is skimless

    Posted by thatwasaripper on 05 July 12 at 10:26am [Reply]

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