Marine Street

Posted 02 May 2010   California, San Diego, Spots, USA


  • WAVE TYPE: Straight wave, regular and goofy wraps, rare right hand liners
  • SWELL DIRECTION: Any work, usually get’s blown out by big winter NW swells
  • SWELL SIZE: Best from 2′-5′
  • BEST TIDE: Depends on the sand set up and swell size, low to rising is usually best in the summer as high tide is often troughy
  • BEST SEASON: Summer is best, while Spring and Fall also work often. The season for Marine Street runs from April to October, sometimes longer.
  • ACCESS/PARKING: Parking is all neighborhood street parking, and is usually easy to find unless it’s a summer weekend.

Marine Street is a great place to go in the summer to hang out and skim, and a lot of people do. This is the most crowded La Jolla Cove beach and unfortunately there aren’t any skim/swim signs. In the summer months you will often have 30-40 people swimming right in the best shorebreak, along with 10 spongers and 10-20 skimmers on the weekends. Luckily the beach isn’t crowded on weekdays and you can usually catch some quality wraps on any given summer weekday. The sand stays slanted throughout the summer and into October, usually getting completely blown out by November or December. Like everywhere in San Diego, it is fickle. But when it’s good it can be as good as the best breaks in Laguna. The best way to catch it good is to check it often.

Marine Street Beach is located on Marine Street in La Jolla Cove, about a half mile south of The Wall and is just north of Windansea, a short walk across the rocks.

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