Leadbetter Beach

Posted 16 May 2010   California, Santa Barbara, Spots, USA

One of the more consistent breaks in Santa Barbara is Leadbetter Beach just below the cliffs of Shoreline park. The beach is steeper in the spring and summer time. The best time to catch a good shorebreak is when high tide is approaching. It is a very popular beach for long boarders and sun bathers but there is not much competition for the skim. Every rider I ever ran into out there has been extremely friendly so I wouldn’t worry about any aggro locals losing their cool cause you happen to want to skim on their beach.

Everybody in Santa Barbara knows where Leadbetter beach is, so if my directions suck feel free to pull over and ask anyone. Take the Castillo St. Exit and head for the beach. In S.B. everything is either towards the Mountains or the beach. Stay on Castillo until it dead-ends (You will pass a gas station, a 7-eleven and a park). Hang a right turn when you run into Cabrillo. You will pass the City College on your right and Cabrillo suddenly becomes Shoreline. As you pass the City College, Leadbetter will be on your left. You will drive through a couple of Green lights and when you come to the first Stop Sign find a place to park (there is plenty available). At that intersection is where Shoreline Park begins, there is a dirt path that takes you right to the spot at the base of those cliffs.

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  1. Spot has some of the sickest liners around. Team sdb locals run the point. You can get 100 yard rights on a good day

    Posted by matt on 27 November 13 at 5:31pm [Reply]

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