Posted 25 May 2010   North Carolina, Spots, USA

Hatteras can get really good. One of the best spots for skimboarding in North Carolina lies in Hatteras but for the locals sake I’ll let you find that wave for yourself.(Think Off-road) There is also a very skim-able sider that breaks off of the main jetty at the old Hatteras lighthouse site, you can also find some really fun wraps on the north side of the jetty and a little bit further south of the jetty. Most of the other spots aren’t to accessible unless you have a vehicle with 4-wheel drive. If you have 4-wheel drive just go exploring on the beaches to find your own secret wave. The only problem with skimboarding in Hatteras is that you are going to encounter a ton of fishermen casting their lines right in front of where you are skimboarding. There’s usually no way around these guys so either politely ask if they will move or wait around for them to leave. Just before Hatteras is the small town of Avon, Occasionally there are some really fun wraps here, so definitely make sure to check this out on your way. Frisco can be found on the west side of Hatteras and is a great place to go when the winds are onshore everywhere else. Frisco is a south facing beach so when the winds are blowing North-Northeast the waves will be much glassier in Frisco. To get to Hatteras from the Outer Banks just head south down route 12 for about an hour and you will see a sign that says welcome to Hatteras. From here you can follow the green signs to the old lighthouse.

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