Emerald Isle

Posted 25 May 2010   North Carolina, Spots, USA

Emerald Isle is great for skimboarding for several reasons: The beaches outside of a few public beaches, even in the peak of the summer, are generally sparsely populated, so there is plenty of room. There is also a fairly gentle slope for beginners to learn, yet close shore-break waves for the advanced to ride out on. Lastly, the water is generally warm by early summer. If you also surf, there is a good surfing by Bogue Inlet Pier.

Basically, you take 95 north or south into North Carolina, depending on your location on the East Coast of the US. The following is a map of the state illustrating the many roads to Emerald Isle:

The Islander

This spot is best at high tide but at low tide the break is still pretty close. September and October are the best times because of a constant North Winds and hurricane swells. On some days there are 6 to 7 ft sets of perfect glass walls. Unfortunately this only happens a few times during the year. The slope is pretty wicked at high tide. It is one of the best spots to skim in the area.

Go to Emerald Isle and take the second right turn after you cross the bridge. Or Turn left at Playland if you’re coming from the other direction. There will be a public beach access sign on you’re right and you turn there.

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  1. Emerald is where I first started skimming!! Nice beach and great place for beginners =)

    Posted by Leah on 28 May 12 at 5:25pm [Reply]

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