Dillon Beach

Posted 02 May 2010   San Francisco

This spot has something for beginners through advanced. It rarely has too many people on the beach, and there are usually just a few skimboarders that are always friendly. It’s not un-crowded because of the beach, but because not that many people know about it. The main beach at Lawson’s Landing is where you’ll find the beginners, because of its smooth and flat sand that lasts for the length of two football fields. As you walk left of the main beach, there are many parts of the beach that are great for advanced moves, with waves that break right on the beach and have fairly good shape.

This place is really close to Bodega Bay, just to the left of, it’s the first place you see as you enter the coast of Lawson’s Landing, you can’t miss it.

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  1. I love this beach. I’m a beginner on a wood board and its great for that. I’m getting a foam board and this will be the first place I go. One other thing I love about Dillon beach is the seaweed. There are long clumps of it that I LOVE to set up and grind/ slide on.

    Posted by Jeremy Neal on 09 August 13 at 3:01pm [Reply]

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