Posted 17 May 2010   California, Santa Cruz, Spots, USA

For winter and early spring skim in the Santa Cruz area, try Old Capitola. Best time to check it out for wedging liners is high tide on big north west swells or on huge storm swells. The swells bounce off the cliffs forming the wedges and you can catch them north and south of the pier. This is a very finicky spot for wedges, so if you are just passing through on a visit it probably won’t be working, but it’s close to 38th and 26th so it won’t hurt to check it. To the north of the pier you will see a big rock sticking out, there is a beach on the north side of the rock called Hoopers. This spot breaks liners right around the rock. Hoopers goes off year round or whenever there is enough sand to make a slope, and the best time is at very low tide 0.5-1.0 ft or coming up from a negative tide, beware of boulders along the cliff that can chew up your board. So if you are lucky you can skim high and low tide, eat and let your old lady shop all in one place.

Exit 41st ave. go all the way down 41st and turn left on Portola. Go down Portola until you come into Old Capitola a tourist trap with resturants and shops. If you want to park close to the beach get ready to pay, all the parking is metered, if you don’t want to pay, there is a free parking spot up the hill from Old Capitola on the cliff, but there are only 5-6 parking spaces. If that spot is full, you can go into the residential area above the rail road tracks and look for parking where permits are not required and hoof it down to the beach.

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  1. Me and a couple buddies are gonna try and come up on saturday the 5th and were looking for some advice on where to go at we are experienced and looking for some waves and a steep beach can we get some help??

    Posted by Gardner on 27 February 11 at 7:21pm [Reply]

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