Campus Point

Posted 16 May 2010   California, Santa Barbara, Spots

Aloha, my name is Rob Souza and I’ve been skimming for about 7 years now. When I went away to school at UCSB, the first thing I did was look for spots to surf and skim. One of the best skimming spots I’ve encountered in SB not mentioned yet is Campus point at UCSB. During the Summer months, plenty of sand gets pushed into the point, and in the Fall, on a moderate swell and medium tide, the place can hold 2-3ft waves that break and reel for quite a distance. Very fun and ripable. The only problem with this spot is it is very seasonal — during the winter and spring months, the sand gets raked out by big swells and it is not remotely rideable due to the exposed rock reef. But, an excellent place to visit during the late Summer-early Fall months right when school starts. The only crowds you will encounter here are the beginner students on a woody.

From 101, take the 217 and head all the way to campus. Hang a left at the light after the toll booth and head straight toward the Marine Science center at the point. Park in the lot on the left — there are metered spaces and permit parking as well. Skim and have fun.

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