Cambria Beach

Posted 02 May 2010   California, San Luis Obispo, Spots, USA

Cambria is pretty much a year round break.  It has great days and good days.  Most of the time sweet rides peeling right and left are available.  The beach itself is steep, with a good transition into 3-4 foot beauties.  The sand is really coarse like The Wedge, but more round.  Not a beginners’ beach.

At the third light into Cambria, turn left. Then turn at first right.  Follow the road past Moonstone.  There will be a stretch where there are no trees for a while, then one tree.  Park under the tree, hop the walkway, try to get down the bank and you’re there.

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  1. were are the best skim spots in sothern cali

    Posted by Jackson McSherry on 14 February 12 at 10:45am [Reply]
    • Most of the best skimboarding waves in Southern California are in Laguna Beach, you can also find great waves in Newport Beach’s balboa peninsula.

      Posted by Woody on 15 April 12 at 7:44pm [Reply]

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