Cabo Clasico Day One

Posted 14 May 2010   2010 News, 2010 Photos, Media, News, Photo Content, UST News

Update: See final day event coverage here.

The UST Cabo Clasico is one of the most anticipated skimboarding events in the world.  Solid waves and perfect weather regularly grace this event, and those who have attended it always come back with good memories. 

A massive south swell filled in Friday, the first of three potential contest days in Cabo San Lucas.  Contestants arrived at Lovers Beach at 9am to find solid double to triple overhead waves breaking far off the beach.  After a short deliberation the decision was made to let low tide roll through, then meet in the afternoon at Yellow Hotels where more shelter from the swell and a rising tide would offer more chance for reachable skimboarding.

Come three in the afternoon the waves were still big and the setup was less than ideal.  Many waves were troughing up on the sand and the long swell interval was making it hard to reach the best waves.  Still, the decision was made to run the preliminary heats of both the pros and the amateurs to make way for man on man heats in the following day(s).  The competition was brutal and the day was carried by those who were able to find the select few waves that shaped up into something substantial.  Those few waves that were good, tended to be pretty solid.  But the process of finding them was frustrating for many competitors.

Still, the vibe on the beach was great and spectators were treated to unskimmable massive sets every 20-30 minutes that were awe inspiring. 

During these preliminary heats it seemed like Sam Stinnett and James Lovett had the spot the most dialed in.  Tomorrow is a whole new day however.  The plan is to meet at Solmar at 9am tomorrow morning.  I am staying on Solmar right now and if the sliding glass door that is rattling back and forth during each set is any indication, it could get interesting.

Here are the pics from today.




  1. my brain just exploded

    Posted by quinton love on 14 May 10 at 10:35pm [Reply]
  2. best thing ever

    Posted by mike lew on 14 May 10 at 11:16pm [Reply]
  3. PicLens slide show is nice

    Posted by Jesse Lash on 15 May 10 at 2:26am [Reply]
  4. This pictures are from lovers beach???? i thing not…

    Posted by TS on 15 May 10 at 7:36am [Reply]
  5. I wanna go to Cabo.


    Posted by Brandon on 15 May 10 at 7:37am [Reply]
  6. Get it Paddy! That’s my neehaw!

    Posted by Chris on 15 May 10 at 9:40am [Reply]
  7. Man i am so bummed i couldnt make it…waves look sooooo biggg. :(

    Posted by Josh Hill on 15 May 10 at 10:24am [Reply]
  8. #5 & #9. very nice. same day, different faces.

    Posted by isaac on 15 May 10 at 2:30pm [Reply]
  9. wow those pics are really nice, what happened with stinnet sliding out to that huge one??
    I love it how the site is kept so updated, good work

    Posted by Chris on 17 May 10 at 3:56am [Reply]
  10. Someone’s gotta mention Lovett just walking up to insane lovers, being warned to “ a few sets first” and then just destroying the first makeable wave that rolled through. Wish I could’ve stayed for the contest, hotel window was shaking as well.

    Posted by crass on 17 May 10 at 12:42pm [Reply]
  11. ow my sak that i awsome

    Posted by roman on 18 May 10 at 9:46am [Reply]
  12. 😀

    Posted by roman on 18 May 10 at 9:47am [Reply]
  13. Holy Hell that’s huge.

    Posted by Frank Hastings on 19 May 10 at 5:13am [Reply]

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