Atlantic Beach

Posted 22 May 2010   North Carolina, Spots, USA

This spot has very good moments. Although during low tide there isn’t much to skim on, high tide can give you many good rides. The shore break during high tide is constantly 4-5 feet breaking about 20 feet off of the sloping shore. It is awesome for airs and cutting into shore breaks.

When you come on to the island drive straight down Salter Path until you reach the jungle golf on the left. Across the street is like a pink hotel and you can park anywhere around that area but near that hotel is where the skimming is best.

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  1. The paragraph about where the skim is good is very confusing. Made simple, the best spot is normally the Sheraton Hotel, its the only tall structure on the East side of the island. Jungle Land doesn’t exist anymore so using it as a landmark is useless. Another area to find a good spot is between Oceanna Pier & Fort Macon, the weather here causes the breaks to change frequently though so the break could be anywhere.

    Posted by Carl Munden on 26 May 10 at 2:35pm [Reply]
  2. Recently the skim on the island is very inconstent. Probably the best spots are either sheraton or Iron Steamer. During high tide these places have some pretty nice breaks you just got to catch it at the right time.

    Posted by Garrett Austin on 15 August 10 at 9:35am [Reply]

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