26th Ave

Posted 02 May 2010   California, Santa Cruz, Spots, USA

Just thought I’d inform everyone about a place for skimming in Santa Cruz. I skim there frequently and recently witnessed a phat skimboard contest with some awsome pro’s. It’s definitely not worth a trip from out of town, but if
you’re going there anyway, and awesome spot is 26th street. It gets a pretty good shorebreak with some narly waves. The beach is also at a little incline to help you get out farther.

To get there take highway 1 to Capitola (bordering santa cruz on the south) where you exit at the popular 41st street. The exit is right in between santa cruz and capitola. take 41st all the way west til portola. make a
right on portola(go north) THen about 4 or so stop signs down take a left on 26th street. Go all the way down til it basically dead ends and take a left. You will run across it shortly on the right, there is a lake and stuff
directly across on the left. Have fun!!!

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