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Scrappy Boost
Posted 31 May 2010

Scrappy Solo Solmar Session

An exhausted Scott Flores (Freak Traction and Alley Oop team rider) solo session the day after the 2010 Cabo Clasico. This is a fairly accurate representation of a sub-standard (but still working) Solmar session. Video filmed and edited by Sean Ward. Continue »
Jason Wilson Skimming in Delaware
Posted 30 May 2010

Delaware Skimboarding Video by Matt...

This video was filmed last summer and stars Jason Wilson and Joey Vavala. It was edited by the creator of Wunderkind, Matt Adams. The waves featured in the video are little-known waves found along the 28 mile shoreline of Delaware. Next weekend (June 5th and 6th) there will be a U.S.T contest on the south side of the Indian River… Continue »
Posted 28 May 2010

BIYD Bellingham goes off

Last Friday DB Skimboards Premiered BIYD (believe in your dreams) for free on WWU’s campus. The show packed the house with around 300 people turning out for the event. Guests were treated with free food, free screening of the video, and a rad raffle! Congrats to the local B-Hammers that walked away with skates and skims. The night was filled… Continue »
Picture 23
Posted 27 May 2010

Summer Skim In So Cal Video

Skimboarding from San Diego to Laguna Beach, California. Featuring(in order of appearance): Paulo Prietto, Steve Taylor, Harley Nelson, Brad Domke, Derek Young, Morgan Just, Andy Chiavetta, and Woody Harris. Filmed and Edited by Gold Shooz Productions. Continue »
Two People In Cabo Prepare For a Heavy Experience, Possibly Their Last Ever. Photos By Isaac Zoller
Posted 25 May 2010

Did They Make It?

On May 15th, during this years Cabo Clasico, one of the largest swells of the year hit Cabo and Solmar Beach. Exile team rider Isaac Zoller was on the beach taking photos of the giant waves when one of the sets of the day loomed on the horizon.  He turned his long lens toward the outside point on the north end… Continue »
Posted 25 May 2010

California and North Carolina spots now...

If you haven’t already noticed the Spots section of our website, you should check it out. The spots section is here to show you everything you need to know about the different skimboarding spots around you. In this section you will find descriptions of each spot, directions to the spot, a google map to show you where it is and… Continue »
Posted 25 May 2010

Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle is great for skimboarding for several reasons: The beaches outside of a few public beaches, even in the peak of the summer, are generally sparsely populated, so there is plenty of room. There is also a fairly gentle slope for beginners to learn, yet close shore-break waves for the advanced to ride out on. Lastly, the water is… Continue »
Posted 25 May 2010

Ocean Isle Beach

This is a cool little beach that is not overly crowded. It is very long and easy to ride if you catch a good tide and a good day. Even on a regular day it is still good. Some times of year like late August are great if you like to go towards the ocean (good slope), yet Spring is… Continue »
Posted 25 May 2010


Duck is one of the most underrated spots in North Carolina. It is also one of the coolest little towns ever. Over the past 10 years I have seen everything from head high powerful wraps to perfect peeling point break liners. Just like most other spots in N.C, in Duck you have to do some searching in order to find… Continue »
Posted 25 May 2010


Hatteras can get really good. One of the best spots for skimboarding in North Carolina lies in Hatteras but for the locals sake I’ll let you find that wave for yourself.(Think Off-road) There is also a very skim-able sider that breaks off of the main jetty at the old Hatteras lighthouse site, you can also find some really fun wraps… Continue »
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