Zuma Beach – Malibu Area

Zuma Beach
Posted 20 April 2010   California, Los Angeles County, Spots, USA

One of my favorite spots is “westward” Zuma BEACH. It has a good steep slope in certain parts of the shore and rocks are minimal. It faces west and can be good with any swell direction. Its best at tides from 4.0 to 5.5 I estimate. Waves from 3 to 5 feet are most skimmable. Anything bigger and it tends to break beyond skim reach. This beach is good 2 hours before high tide and 1 after usually. Sometimes it goes bad very quickly after high tide. For 1 year this beach has been consistently good. What can happen is this spot can go flat sand and the waves go beyond reach. The rest of the beach north of westward is pretty flat, great for beginners. When its good here you got thick powerful waves with good “double ups”. Best time of year I think; is spring, late summer, and early fall. In the summer there are plenty of people who don’t figure out your a fast moving vehicle, so please take care! ALL TIME spot to meet women!

Zuma beach is in the city of Malibu. To get there you need to get to PCH (HWY1). A little west of Kanan Dume Canyon Road and PCH is Westward Beach rd. Your here! Free parking for all. If your antisocial (like many skimmers) and you see a big friendly dude with tattoos skimming, “Stay away” from this man. He will annoy you with his hospitality. For updated conditions, will reply to all. I go to this spot once every week or two.

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  1. Hey There, Great post! How has Zuma been lately? I’m planning on coming out tomorrow morning.



    Posted by Brian H on 25 May 12 at 2:31pm [Reply]
  2. Noice!! I’m headed down there now. Will keep my eyes peeled for big burly tattooed man!

    Posted by Kevin smyth on 23 June 17 at 9:42am [Reply]

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