The Wedge

Posted 30 April 2010   California, Newport Beach, Spots, USA


  • WAVE TYPE: Always powerful.  Wraps and a large sider.
  • SWELL SIZE: 1′ – 12’+
  • BEST TIDES: Can be good on any tide.  Usually best at mid tide.
  • SLOPE: Usually steep but if there’s a large NW wind-swell the slope can become flat.
  • BEST SEASON: Fall and Spring are usually best.  Breaks well in the summer.
  • ACCESS/PARKING: Free street parking.
  • BLACKBALL: Blackball from 10AM-5PM from May 1st to Oct 31st.

COMMENTS: The Wedge is probably the best known sidewash anywhere. Killer Dana was destroyed by a harbor jetty. The Wedge was created by one. The wedge is a huge sidewash that is created by the jetty at the mouth of Newport Harbor. The biggest wave I have ever seen in person was at the wedge. It was 25 feet and there were exactly three people in the water. Two knee boarders and one bodysurfer. There were probably about fifty to sixty people with boards that were staying out of the water. Me? I was skimming ‘little’ sidewashes right onshore. Actually they were about three feet overhead but they were nothing compared to what was going on outside. The wedge is rarely very good for skimming and always crowded. This doesn’t mean that it is not perhaps the best skimboarding spot on earth. It just means that it is not very consistent. There are always at least 15 guys in the water on a decent day. It works best on a south swell in spring or fall, And is usually only rideable on a “small” swell. High tide is generally best.

The Wedge is located on the North side of the north jetty at the entrance to Newport Harbor. To get there just get onto the main road on Balboa Peninsula and drive south all the way to the end. The break is right next to the jetties. Be careful, lots of angry locals. It is blackballed in the summer months, no skimming whatsoever! Damn…
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  1. I skimmed their yesterday, bloody ripper amount of barrels aye bro. did this siq pop shuv it too eyy it was so friggen ectic cuzzin. if you have the chance to get on down and throw ya skimmer around do it for sure ey

    Posted by Lachlan Pryse Jones on 27 March 14 at 8:19pm [Reply]
  2. Trying too find out what months are the best??

    Posted by Ryan Depoy on 02 March 17 at 7:04am [Reply]

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