Temescal Canyon

Temescal Canyon
Posted 20 April 2010   California, Los Angeles County, Spots, USA

Temescal canyon is a wide stretch of beach that always seems to have a good slope at high tide. In the winter, if you catch Temescal on a big tide and a strong swell, its almost a guarantee that you will get good shorebreak. Temescal seasonally gets rocks during the summer, but during the winter is completely rockless. The beach gets good liners and can be really fun when working well. In the summer, the beach can get really crowded, but by the time the crowds show up, the beach is probably already blown out. Temescal is best at a high tide, the higher the better, and takes all big swells. It generally gets good two hours before high tide and starts breaking too far out about an hour after high tide. Go north of the street light to find the best skim.

To get there, take PCH to Temescal canyon road. at the light, go up the Temescal road and find parking on the street to avoid the six dollar parking in the beach lot. Down on the beach, if you see a concrete pathway go to the right and you will find the most skimmable beaches.

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