South Bay of Los Angeles

Redondo Beach
Posted 20 April 2010   California, Los Angeles County, Spots, USA

South Bay of Los Angeles (Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach) are not known for their great skimming spots, but if one is diligent and patient, there can be some to be found. During the summer time, south sides of Hermosa and Manhattan Piers a little shore pound found at high tide on a small west swell. El Porto sometimes gets some liners and shore pound on a small to medium southwest to west swell at high tide. During the fall, winter, and spring, south of Redondo Pier on a medium west to northwest swell at high tide some shore pound can be found. On a low tide, take a look inside of Redondo Pier complex, there is sometimes rideable liners and shore pound. Watch out for Community Service officers because they will kick you out. If you are visiting LA, and you have sometime, go south to Newport or Laguna Beach, but if you are staying by LAX, these spots are worth checking out.

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