Salmon Creek

Posted 24 April 2010   California, Mendocino & Sonoma County, Spots, USA

Salmon creek beach in norcal is the most popular surf/skim spot in Sonoma county. On a big winter day, Salmon creek has heavy shorebreak that will kick your ass no matter how many times you’ve skimmed the wedge on a pounding day. If you’re accustomed to riding big burly shorebreak salmon creek is for you if you like mushy small waves than stick to Doran the next spot south. There is a shifting spot that the locals call the wedge because of its strong currents and a steep mountain of sand that shoots you into the heaviest shorebreak at the whole spot.

For south salmon creek turn onto bean avenue off highway one and drive to its end. For north salmon creek (where all the skimboarders usually are) and where the wedge is pull into the paved north salmon creek parking lot one mile north of bodega bay. Take one of the trails down the sand.

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  1. There is no wedge, just a long beach with lots of shifting going on.

    Posted by crass on 04 May 10 at 7:33am [Reply]
  2. Haha no way this hasta b a joke!

    Posted by Deebo on 18 June 10 at 11:42pm [Reply]

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