Rat Beach – Palos Verdes

Rat Beach
Posted 20 April 2010   California, Los Angeles County, Spots, USA

RAT Beach is a nice shorebreak just below Torrance beach where I skim. You can easily run, skim out, make the turn and ride little 1-3 foot shorebreak on any given day. Beginners can ride out 5-8 feet and ride the whitewash (1 ft.) and more advanced people can go out farther (8-10 ft.) and ride the bigger breaks. Those aren’t the real waves of the beach (you know, surfing, bodyboarding) but they are the farther in ones that are possible to skim out to. The waves there are good for beginners and a fun little place for advanced people to just chill. It usually isn’t very crowded. There are little kids and adults on the beach, and not many people in the water.

Ok, to get there, just remember the name. RAT stands for Right After Torrance. It is just below Torrance beach. If you o to Torrance beach look down at the less crowded, quieter beach where Palos Verdes residents go. It is in between the bottom of Torrance Beach and the top of Lunada Bay. In case you don’t know where those places are, Torrance beach is south of Redondo, which is south of Hermosa, which is south of Manhattan.

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This Beach in Palos Verdes, is a place no one knows about, and if you go on week days there’s not annoying swimmers and little kids!! Its a great place for first time skimmers, lots of area to try new tricks and just coast… spring is the best time to go .

from the 405, get off on Pch take pch north really really long way turn left on Palos Verdes Blvd take it all the way up tp malaga cove plaza turn right towards ocean and the long walk down the ramp is at the parking lot of Rolling Hills prep.

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