Moonstone Beach

Posted 18 April 2010   California, Humboldt County, Spots, USA

Moonstone Beach in Trinidad, California is about 10 miles north of Arcata and about 7 north of McKinleyville. The last time I was there in the summer the waves were breaking hard close to shore giving perfect amount of space to catch some speed to hit the wave. The best times I saw for experienced riders were about an hour after low tide all the way up to when high tide came in. I have also seen some rides during high tide but were hard to time. For beginners try to ride about a couple hours after high tide up until low tide hits. This gives you long flat areas to practice landing on the board. This is what I did to get the jump down when I started as a little spike.

Directions–Take 101 North past the Clam Beach exits and it will be the next exit. You’ll turn left at a stop sign and then go under a bridge until you stop again. There will be a sign with Luffenholtz Beach to the right and Moonstone Beach to the left. So turn left and pass a couple houses on the right and turn right when you see the ocean. Follow it down a hill and there will be two different parking lots. Usually it is hard to find a spot on the lower side because this is where most locals go so you may want to park higher up from the beach. So go out and enjoy.

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