Killer “V”/Los Angeles Harbor

La Harbor
Posted 20 April 2010   California, Los Angeles County, Spots, USA

My name is Jimmy” Whisper” Vensel. I have been checking out the skimboard news, I feel like I have an obligation to share what I know about this place we locals. call the killer “V”, It is located at the end of Cabrillo beach in San Pedro, It is a snug little spot nestled between the L.A. harbor break wall & a small jetty, there is just about 60 to 70 yards of beach at a slope that pumps some of the gnarliest shore break I have ever seen!! It breaks on a west swell, But it doesn’t Break all the time, I’VE seen it at 4 to 6 & it just eat us alive, anything bigger than that is unrideable. Its not a known spot because we like to keep it that way, but after reading about all those other spots I felt it my duty to share this place with my fellow SKIMBOARDERS.

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  1. thanks for the great post. i am looking to move from San Diego to LA and get down with my city roots. One thing I cannot leave behind is my skimboard, my medicine, and my balls. I will definitely check this place out, hope to see you there shreedin the gnar

    Posted by jacob on 17 November 10 at 11:04am [Reply]
  2. As you enter Cabrillo and facing the ocean……you mean just to your left at beaches end?

    Posted by Richie on 19 September 15 at 2:15pm [Reply]

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