Gualala Point Park

Posted 23 April 2010   California, Mendocino & Sonoma County, Spots, USA

Access to this park is actually at the extreme northern tip of Sonoma County, right before you cross the Gualala River bridge. The shorebreaks here are consistent, but WARNING this beach is very unforgiving, the riptide can be deadly and you should never skim this one alone! I have seen 8-10 foot shorebreaks here in the winter, but you would have to be suicidal to attempt to ride them. If you want to give this beach a shot, stick to the south end away from the river mouth (which pulls a tourist or two to their deaths every few years). Spend some time watching the break, make sure you have a wetsuit (at least a spring suit, this water is cold!) and have a blast skimming and watching the seals who will undoubtedly be watching you.

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