Posted 30 April 2010   California, Sacramento, Spots, USA

I know what most of you who are reading this are probably thinking, there isn’t an ocean in sac, you’re right. Since the nearest ocean is a decent drive away, my friends and I skim on the American River. We call it Estates because that is the street that the river acess is located on. To get to the skim spot you have to swim across the river, but once you’re there it is a great place to skim. There is a patch of water off to the side of the river that is about fifty yards long where the water only gets to be about 3-12 inches deep. Last year when skimfest came to town some of the guys in the contest showed up and they busted some sick shit over there. One guy ollied a garbage can. You can look up Estates on any sac city street map and find the place, its awesome.

Estates is off of American River Drive so just find that street on a map, and you should be able to find estates.

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