Dry Lagoon

Dry Lagoon
Posted 19 April 2010   California, Humboldt County, Spots, USA

Dry lagoon is roughly 10 minutes south of Orick and 15 minutes north of Trinidad. I’ve only skimmed there a few times but what I’ve seen is there are some good sized ridible waves.(3-10 feet, not as big as big lagoon)The beach its self is a little steep but it all depends on the day. The only things I caution you about is 1) there is strong under tow and the water gets deep fast so I suggest you to wear a wet suit if you have one 2)there are a lot of people who look for agats there, the rocks change every day so be careful with your board but usually no rocks to worry about.

If your driving north on 101 past Trinidad keep driving until you see a turn off to the left, right before redwood trails. (A camping lodge , you will see a big red barn building)

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