Deer Creek – Malibu Area

Deer Creek
Posted 20 April 2010   California, Los Angeles County, Spots, USA

Deer Creek is the home of the Gold Coast Skim contest. Deer Creek works mid to high tide on any swell. Deer Creek has a south and north cove. North side is the most consistent. Deer Creek fires best mid summer to fall, or whenever there is plenty of sand. If you want to see deep driving barrel rides and hear some smack, show up when Adrian Prince (Slotstik) and Rick Stark are ripping. Deer Creek is not for the thin skinned, to ride be prepared to hear the smack and be heckled, but remember a fat barrel ride is all the scoreboard you need.

To sample Deer Creek get on the P.C.H. and look for Deer Creek road south of Pt Mugu and north of county line.

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