College Cove

Posted 19 April 2010   California, Humboldt County, Spots, USA

College cove in Trinidad CA is about 12 miles north of Arcata (HSU). Being that I just got back to school in early August, I’m assuming that it starts breaking good around mid July. Right now (Sept.23) it is starting to tear away the slope and flatten out. I figure it should last another month or so but you never really can tell about these things. The best time to go is just after the turn of low tide all the way up to about an hour before high tide. The waves are not huge but sometimes can kick up, and tube rides are a possibility. Unfortunately there is no sidewash.

Directions- Take 101 north to the Trinidad exit. I still don’t know street names, so go left at the exit all the way to the end of the street, and go right back into the woods. The road is paved but one lane. take it almost a mile back until you see the Elk Head trail on your left. >From there it’s just a path down to the beach. It’s a very small town so just ask anyone if you have trouble finding it. People up here are very friendly.

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