Carmel Beach

Posted 18 April 2010   California, Carmel, Spots, USA

Carmel California is one of the most beautiful places around and can throw some pretty awesome waves once in a while. Swells break right on the beach about 40% of the time. Other than that, it is mostly whitewash coming in. Swells are usually about 1-2 feet and are best in the late summer to early fall. Once in a while you can find some good barrels, but there are rarely any liners.

Carmel beach is located on the Monterey peninsula right off of Highway 1. Turn off on Ocean Ave. and go straight down. Parking is free, but close spots are usually taken.

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  1. Carmel is killler, only in the early a.m though.

    Posted by Max Rausch on 23 December 10 at 7:25pm [Reply]

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