Big Lagoon

Big Lagoon
Posted 19 April 2010   California, Humboldt County, Spots, USA

Big Lagoon is very easy to find just by knowing the name. From what I’ve seen it breaks probably year round (pending it’s not windy or stormy) I myself have never skimmed there. You have to have a few screws loose if you do. I have seen twelve foot shorebreak there and I wouldn’t doubt if it got bigger. A small wave at this place is about six feet. Very fast and very powerful is the only way to describe it. When I saw it, it was around the beginning of May so I couldn’t really give you accurate info on it now. It seems like it would be worthwhile for some of the pros to check out. Like I said, BIG and NASTY waves. I haven’t made my way up there yet but I will try and get you more info on this place as soon as I can.

Directions- Easy to get to. About a 35 minute drive past Arcata on 101 north. There will be a turnoff before the actual lagoon on your left. It will say Big Lagoon beach parking/campground (something like that, I assure you won’t miss it) Take that road and follow the signs. it is not very far off the road.

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