Balboa Pier

Posted 30 April 2010   California, Newport Beach, Spots, USA


  • WAVE TYPE: Anywhere from playfull to very powerful shorebreak.  Very fun liners when there is wind-swell.
  • SWELL SIZE: 1′ – 8’+
  • BEST TIDES: Can be good on any tide.  Depends on the sand.
  • SLOPE: Usually steep.
  • BEST SEASON: Breaks year round.  Fall and Spring are usually best.  Breaks well in the summer and even winter at times.
  • ACCESS/PARKING: Two giant parking lots. Free parking on PCH if you can find an open spot.
  • BLACKBALL: Skim/Swim signs in the summer time.

COMMENTS: Balboa Pier is a good straight wave break. There are often good liners on a west swell. Unlike the wedge, Balboa will work on a west or a south. It is generally best on a high tide but sometimes needs a low. Much more consistent (and rideable) than the wedge. Balboa Pier is also Blackballed in the summer months.

To get to Balboa Pier, get onto the main north south road on Balboa Peninsula. You can either drive there or take the Balboa Island Ferry for about a buck. Balboa Pier should be on the map. There are also signs that tell you where it is. If you take the Ferry just drive straight till you get to the beach. Metered Parking is available off A Street just to the south of the main parking lot.

Note: The stretch of beach between Balboa Pier and the Wedge is often just as good as the skimming at the actual pier, but less crowded. Check it out!
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