Victoria & Lagunita

Posted 28 March 2010   California, Laguna Beach, Spots, USA


  • WAVE TYPE: Anywhere from playfull to big wraps/liners.
  • SWELL SIZE: 1′ – 5’+
  • BEST TIDES: Can be good on any tide.  Depends on the sand.
  • SLOPE: Big souths result in the steepest slopes.  During the winter the slope is very flat.
  • BEST SEASON: Breaks well in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.
  • ACCESS/PARKING: Minimal street parking on Victoria Dr.
  • BLACKBALL: Restricted to skimboarding zone during the summer months.

COMMENTS: Victoria and Log usually work best at high tide but you can pull off some good rides at low tide. I usually only skim it in the spring and summer so I wouldn’t know what its like in the winter and fall. The crowds can get pretty big if there’s a volleyball tourney going on but the crowds are mostly made up of spectators and locals, so there isn’t much competition for waves. Victoria can usually only be skimmed on in the spring, fall, and winter because the lifeguards won’t let you skim there. That’s when me and my friends go down to Lagunita which is usually not very crowded and is virtually the same beach. The two beaches are divided only by “Two Rock” which is a large rock close into shore, this is what the lifeguards consider the border between skimming and swimming. Log can get a little surge or sider off of “Two Rock” but there isn’t usually much but nice shorebreak!

If your heading south just take a right at Nyes Pl., there’s a stoplight there and a restaurant called “Dizz’s As Is”, which I recommend. After taking a left take the first left after that and head under the tunnel then take the first left after that. You will head down a steep street and there will be a gated community off to left and a lifeguard ramp down to the beach. If your heading North, just turn right at Nyes Pl. and fallow the above directions after that. To get to Loganita just head south down the beach and you’ll see “Two Rock” out in the surf and once you pass that your at Lagunita!
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