GoPro HD Video Test

This winter David Levin got his hands on a GoPro HD and decided to give it a test run in South Laguna one cloudy day. The waves weren’t exactly firing but as you can see from the smiles on the riders faces, everyone was having a good time. This is hopefully the first of many GoPro segments to come. If you have some content you would like featured, please drop us a line!

This video features (in order of appearance):

Paulo Prietto: (Exile / Resistance / EOS)
Harley Nelson (Exile)
Tim Fulton (Apex)



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  1. I just picked up a GoPro, and that little camera rips. Only issue is that good weather is so nessecary for good video. Gray and cloudy=underexposed and sadface :(.

    Posted by Chris Chevreau on 06 May 10 at 9:50am [Reply]

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