10th Street

Posted 27 March 2010   California, Laguna Beach, Spots, USA


  • WAVE TYPE: Anywhere from playfull to very powerful shorebreak.  There is a very fun sider on the south end that works in the Summer and Fall.
  • SWELL SIZE: 1′ – 6’+
  • BEST TIDES: Can be good on any tide.  Depends on swell size, if it’s bigger high tide is best, if it’s smaller low will be the best.
  • SLOPE: Usually there is a steep slope in the summer and fall.  Big souths result in the steepest slopes on the south side of the beach in the Summer/Fall.
  • BEST SEASON: Breaks year round for small wraps, but Summer and Fall are the best.
  • ACCESS/PARKING: Minimal free parking on PCH, there are a lot of spots up in the hills around the area.  During the Summer time it is very hard to find a spot.

COMMENTS: Tenth Street is another great skim spot in Laguna Beach. It is best known for its sidewashes and the world class skimboarders that have made tenth street their home. Tenth Street and Ninth Street are accessible by the same stairs. Ninth street is usually a straight wave but also ‘sometimes’ gets a sidewash off the rock at the south end. Both spots are better in the summer and fall months and work best on a high tide. Sometimes the tide gets too high for tenth street but not very often. Since many of the best skimmers in the world hang out at tenth street, competition for waves is fierce and newcomers usually don’t get opportunities to skim waves off the main sidewash. There are also many bodyboarders at 10th that the skimmers have to deal with. Both 9th and 10th are amazing breaks and probably the most consistent in Laguna during the summer months.

Tenth street is at the far south end of Laguna Beach. On some maps it may actually be in ‘South Laguna’. To get to it you must walk down a long flight of stairs at Ninth Ave. Just get yourself onto Pacific Coast Highway 1 and find 9th Ave. At the bottom of the stairs is 9th street (obviously) and if you walk left (south) around the point, that will get you to Tenth Street.
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